How to Market Counseling

Tips to Getting More Clients for Counseling Marketing

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Counseling Internet Marketing

Counseling Internet Marketing determines whether or not potential patients can find you. In order to execute an effective and profitable marketing campaign, you’ll want to be visible on multiple marketing channels. Some counselors make the mistake of setting up their beautiful website and thinking they’re done. It takes more to get noticed these days. You’ll need an incredible website for sure but you’ll also need social media profiles, local profiles on Yelp and Google, and constant content on your website to continue ranking high on the top search engines. Counseling Internet Marketing is just the beginning to a profitable practice.

Counseling Website Marketing

Counseling Website Marketing is extremely important for your practice success. First, you’ll need a good-looking, user-friendly website that loads quickly. Next, you’ll need lots of great content that’s also packed with keywords that relate to your practice. Then you’ll need links to your many other online marketing channels, such as your social media pages. You’ll also want some type of ‘call to action’ on the first page your patients see. Whether it’s a form to fill out or your number to call, patients need to feel the urgency to contact you. While this might sound scary and complicated, don’t underestimate the power your website has to bring clients through your doors. Counseling Website Marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you have experts that can help.

Counseling Yelp Marketing

Counseling Yelp Marketing can bring in the local patients who start searching their phones or desktops when they’re in need of a counselor like you. You need to have a Yelp profile that lists your contact information, patient reviews, and even shows pictures of you and possibly your practice. Patients like to put a face with the name and also read what other patients are saying about your counseling services. Counseling Yelp Marketing gives you the chance to showcase yourself locally as soon as potential patients begin searching.

Counseling Google Local Marketing

Counseling Google Local Marketing works similarly to Yelp. You’ll want a great profile with pictures, reviews, and contact information. Since Google is the largest search engine and many patients are searching their mobile devices, you can bet that they’ll find you on Google Local. When a potential patient decides they need to start looking for some help, you’ll want to be the picture that pops up with a friendly smile and five star reviews. Knowing they have an expert nearby is essential when trying to decide whether or not counseling is right for them. Counseling Google Local Marketing gives you the chance to be the one who’s top of mind when it matters.

Counseling SEO Marketing

Counseling SEO Marketing cannot be stressed enough. You’ve probably heard of SEO (search engine optimization) by now as Google, and other top search engines rank websites based on current SEO trends. It used to be bold headlines, italics, and other tricks that got you noticed but Google continues to change things up. Keep in mind that what worked for some last year won’t work this or next year. It’s like a game of chess where you constantly have to stay on top of your opponent. Know that there are people like us who do this for a living so you don’t have to be overwhelmed in thinking SEO is your new side job. Counseling SEO Marketing is important so don’t let your progress slip by leaving this big player out.

Counseling PPC Marketing

Counseling PPC Marketing is another strategy that’s especially useful for getting new patients fast. While SEO is a longer term strategy, Counseling PPC Marketing works by grabbing the attention of your target patients when it matters most. PPC ads work by popping up when interested parties search for services like yours. If they click on your ad, you’re charged a minimal fee and now have a lead. It’s likely someone wouldn’t click on your ad unless they were seriously interested in scheduling an appointment so PPC marketing can be very effective. Keep in mind that PPC is just one piece of the puzzle. It’s all of these pieces put together that makes your ultimate masterpiece of a marketing campaign.

Counseling Social Media Marketing

Counseling Social Media Marketing is vital for someone like you. Patients want to build trust before they divulge all of their darkest secrets to another human being. What better way to build trust than to be visible and accessible through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter? You can post photos, host community awareness events, share cute articles or even help educate your patients with mental health tips. There are so many ways counselors can use social media to their benefit. Counseling Social Media is a great tool for connecting your potential and past patients and keeping that connection to hold them accountable.

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