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Is Your Med Spa Taking Advantage of Influencer Marketing?

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If your medical spa hasn’t started to take advantage of influencer marketing, you are missing out. As more and more patients are drawn to social media to find med spas, plastic surgeons, and even medical providers, it is more crucial than ever that your brand strategy implements social strategies that work to promote your practice. Moreover, more patients are looking to “influencers”, or those with a large following to choose their providers. Properly collaborating with the right influencers can make a huge difference in both your following and the amount of patient acquisition your practice sees.

While many think influencers are only prominent for promoting goods and services, they are also becoming one of the most key players when it comes to what practices patients choose before they pursue a treatment and are becoming a crucial part of the patient journey. In this article we will discuss the role of influencer marketing and how it can benefit your practice.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing refers to the collaboration of companies working with different individuals with a targeted following on different media channels to promote their goods, services, or business. Increasingly, medical spas are utilizing influencers with a base directed towards cosmetic and beauty services to promote popular services like BOTOX, lip injections, CoolSculpting, and more.

Influencers are divided into three tiers:

Micro-Influencers: Micro-influencers generally have around 5,000 to 50,000 followers and are beneficial because they have the closest relationship with their followers. Often in close proximity to your target audience, micro-influencers can still provide a massive benefit for your practice in terms of both following and patient acquisition.

Macro-Influencers: Mega-influencers generally have anywhere from 50,000 to 500,000 followers. With a larger reach than micro-influencers, mega-influencers can reach a very niche audience, sometimes even in a targeted area.

Mega-Influencers: Most commonly macro-influencers will be celebrities or prominent public figures with a million or more followers. While these types of influencers have the largest reach they are often the most difficult, or expensive, to obtain to promote your practice and their large reach can deter from your local target market. Despite this, collaborations with macro-influencers make for one of the best opportunities for increased brand-awareness.

How Can Influencer Marketing Benefit My Practice?

A massive 49% of consumers look to influencers before making purchasing decisions and this includes your med spa. Moreover, the majority of these consumers are not looking to mega-influencers to make their purchasing decisions, but rather at localized, niche influencers that they can relate with. By providing an influencer with simply a free treatment, you can gain massive exposure and potential patient acquisition to the audience you want. Furthermore, integrating influencer marketing into your social media strategy gives you more opportunities on not only your own profiles, but on others’ channels as well. Furthermore, by simply offering an influencer something like a free treatment worth $750 and seeing an additional ten patients from their reach, you can still see an additional $7,500 in revenue. In this sense, investing in a single treatment or promotion can provide a massive return for your medical spa when done correctly. Despite this, it is important that you follow key FTC guidelines when it comes to influencers promoting your med spa and services.

What Type of Influencers Should My Practice Be Utilizing?

When it comes to choosing the right influencer for your med spa, make sure that you vet potential candidates. For most med spas, it is beneficial to look for anyone with a decent following in your local area who will be relevant and close to your target market. Furthermore, it is best to make sure that your influencers’ target audience fits into the niche of the services you are trying to promote.

Once you choose an influencer you can agree on what kind of platform they will promote you on on, whether this be on social media, their website, through a video, or any other channel they have with a following. In many cases, influencers will be happy to provide a promotion in exchange for in-demand services like lip injections. However, depending on the type of campaign you agree on, additional compensation may be required. Ultimately, the type of campaign you choose with a given influencer should be based on the return on investment you expect to see from your collaboration.

Make the Most of Your Med Spa’s Social Media Strategy

Social platforms like Instagram and Facebook should be a key component of your med spa’s marketing strategy. While using these platforms is absolutely necessary and you should be taking advantage of the key features they already offer, like stories or IGTV, adding influencers into your marketing strategy can make a big difference in your campaigns.

At Med Aesthetics Group we are experts in aesthetics and digital marketing. Our unique services are tailored to each of our clients and we make sure to help integrate the best marketing techniques that will benefit your practice. Our targeted marketing campaigns that utilize PPC, SEO, text and email marketing, and social media have increased calls and consultations by over 300% for many of our clients. Switch to us today and see your practice reach its potential. To learn more about our treatments and what we can do for your practice give us a call or book a free demo.

February 13, 2019

Hannah Cloe is the brand manager for Med Aesthetics Group. She manages all of Med Aesthetics Group’s digital marketing and branding efforts and has a passion for marketing and the aesthetics industry. Her favorite thing about working at Med Aesthetics Group is getting to collaborate with an amazing team and getting to see our clients’ practices reach their potential. In her free time you can find Hannah reading, writing, and hiking.

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