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Wrinkle treatment with Botox is surrounded by many prevalent myths, one of the biggest being that the injectable is only for women or celebrities. Fortunately, many men are beginning to realize that this is not the case and are seeking out cosmetic procedures more than ever. After all, there is no shame in looking your best! With the continual rise in social media, men have become just aware of their appearance as women, and want to look their best for reasons varying from photos to professional reasons.

Men made up 1.1 million of the patients who received cosmetic procedures in 2017, with almost half of those treatments being Botulinum type A (Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin) injections. Botox for men, or “Brotox”, is on the rise in men of all ages, in large part because of informative content and outreach from providers. If you have been wondering how to get more men into your med spa for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures like Botox, it is important that you market your services to men in a strategic way. Read on to find out our best tips for increasing your acquisition of male patients.

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Men Want to Look Younger Too

While women are often under more pressure to look their best and maintain their appearance, men can have just as much concern over their aging looks and how this changes others’ perception of them. Many men in high-profile positions where they are seen on a regular basis need to look their best; Botox offers a quick, relatively painless, and minimally invasive solution for them. On top of Botox’s cosmetic uses, many men are not aware of other benefits the injectable may have for them such as treatment for migraines or hyperhidrosis.

Recent studies and statistics show a massive increase in the number of men who have an interest in cosmetic procedures. However, many don’t know the full spectrum of options and where to start. Just like women, men are wary of surgical procedures and are more likely to consider a treatment less invasive, like Botox. Even still, many potential male patients hang on to other prevalent Botox myths, like the fear that it will make them look fake or frozen or that they have had something done. Whether you own a med spa, dermatology center, or plastic surgery practice, it is crucial that you educate potential male patients about the benefits of these low-risk, no-down time treatments.

Target Your Ads Towards Men

Paid ads on Google allow you to directly target the market you want. Creating a campaign targeted towards men can be a great, immediate way to reach a specific market. Integrate ads about Botox for men into your PPC strategy. These ads are another great place for you to give information on Botox for men, debunk common myths, and showcase your best work. Furthermore, great ads can bring a reluctant male patient in fast.

By getting male patients in quickly, you can begin building up testimonials, before and after photos, and informative content that will be beneficial to your site, social media, and overall brand presence when it comes to marketing your services to both men and women.

Reach Men on Social Media

Social media should be an integral part to any med spa’s marketing strategy. However, it can also be used to reach specific groups, like men, when used correctly. By targeting specific demographics in your area you can be sure that potential male patients will come to your practice.

Some of the best ways to reach men via social media include:

  • Post Before and After Photos of Your Male Patients: Show potential male patients the results and experience they can expect at your practice. Showcasing your male patients can make men feel more comfortable with coming to your practice, as it emphasizes your experience with male facial anatomy. This can also help to qualm men’s fears about an unnatural look. Show off your male patients’ results with Botox, and many men will realize they want the same refreshed look.
  • Post Informative Content: Because cosmetic treatments like Botox aren’t discussed as openly among men as they are with women, it is important that you be the voice of aesthetics for potential male patients. Whether you post facts and statistics about male procedures to raise awareness, hold a live Q&A about Botox for Men at your office, or post patient testimonials, you can be sure that you are reaching a targeted male audience.

Optimize Your Site Pages for Botox for Men

It is crucial that your website has a page dedicated to Botox for Men. It should give information about the treatment process, but also be specific in addressing specific concerns men may have about Botox in general. It should also showcase great before and after photos, so that potential male patients can see the value of the injectable procedure. Furthermore, by optimizing content on your site for Botox for Men, you can be sure that potential male patients interested in and searching for the procedure online will see your practice first.

Use Email and Text Marketing to Get More Male Botox Patients

If you own a med spa or plastic surgery center, it is imperative that you have a text and email list. Both avenues allow you to connect with your patients in direct, personalized ways. Perhaps you have had men come in for basic treatments like facials or dermaplaning, but they need the extra push to make the next step to injectables. By sending out emails and texts that highlight Botox for men and potential results, you can expect more consultations and bookings.

Market Botox for Men at Your Med Spa

The number of men who have received cosmetic treatments in the past 20 years has increased by 325%. It is crucial that you market services like Botox to men who are already seeking out these treatments, and those who are on the fence about cosmetic treatments. By implementing a targeted marketing strategy that implements social media, SEO, PPC, email, and text.

At Med Aesthetics Group, we are exclusively dedicated to the aesthetics industry. Our team of marketing experts is familiar with all of your treatments and current aesthetics trends. We create a personalized marketing plan for your business, so your practice can reach its utmost potential. To learn more about our customized services, book a free demo with us today!


October 17, 2018

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