How to Market Spas

Tips to Getting More Clients for Spas

Generate Calls from Multiple Channels

Search accounts for about 40% of customer responses that we help deliver. Over 60% of other responses come via other web marketing channels that have been proven to drive paid treatments and procedures. Choose Us for Med Spa Marketing.

Fill Your Spa Calendar with New Customers

Spa Internet Marketing

Spa Internet Marketing can be confusing and difficult at times, but rest assured it’s absolutely necessary for the success of your spa. If you want to bring new clients in, you need to know what will and won’t work. Your website needs to rank high with google and other search engines. How do you do that? With a well-planned marketing campaign that emphasizes a speedy website with great content, marketing on multiple social media platforms, and analyzing keywords that get you ranked. Spa Internet Marketing doesn’t have to be a battle. We can help you figure it all out.

Spa Website Marketing

Spa Website Marketing plays a crucial role in the performance of your marketing campaign. Don’t underestimate how powerful your website can be for acquiring new and returning clients. What does your website need exactly? High-quality content containing specific keywords, high-definition photos and videos, and it needs to load fast. Recent studies show that people now have an attention span of about 3 minutes. That means that within 3 minutes your website must show everything you can do for your prospective clients. Spa Website Marketing needs to focus on images and videos that are professional and visually stimulating, content that is both enjoyable to read and broken up with bullet points and headlines so readers can skim around, and your website needs to load quickly so you don’t lose clients before they have the chance to see what you offer.

Spa Yelp Marketing

Spa Yelp Marketing is essential for bringing in local clients. You’ll want to create an engaging profile with photos, client reviews, and detailed information on how to contact your spa. Another way to gain business from Spa Yelp Marketing is to pay attention to what your competitors are doing. Check out their Yelp profiles and see how they interact with potential clients. You’ll need a link to your website, plenty of before and after’s from your past clients, and a detailed description of the services you offer. Keep in mind that you must stay active on Yelp to acquire new patients. You need to respond to reviews and answer questions. This is a great way to communicate with local clients that are interested in your spa.

Spa Google Local Marketing

Spa Google Local Marketing is beneficial for putting your spa on the map. When potential clients start searching for spas on their smart phones, you’ll want to be a top choice. Like Yelp, Spa Google Local Marketing enables you to share photos, your location, and past client reviews. It isn’t enough to just be on one local platform. There’s no telling where your clients might search so do your best to be visible everywhere. You’re probably aware that Google is the top search engine and most people search google maps from their mobile devices. Make sure you have a polished and professional Google Local profile. Also, don’t forget to check out what your competition is up to.

Spa SEO Marketing

Spa SEO Marketing continues to change and you better be aware of new trends if you want an advantage over your competitors. It isn’t enough to just create a website with static content and pretend that your clients will gravitate towards your site without extra effort. Google doesn’t care for that. Spa SEO Marketing must be an active marketing strategy you use to grab the attention of new clients. How do you do such a thing? For one, you need some good keywords for your treatments. Two, you need to use those keywords within some high-quality, engaging content on your website. Three, your web pages need to have high-definition photos and videos that captivate your audience. Lastly, that website needs to load quickly to keep your clients from jumping ship to your competitor’s website.

Spa PPC Marketing

Spa PPC Marketing is the fastest way to grab new clients. By using ‘Pay Per Click,’ ads, you can gain the attention of local clients looking for your specific services. The bonus of Spa PPC Marketing is that you aren’t charged for marketing unless an interested party clicks on your specific ad. You can set your marketing budget and watch the calls come in. PPC ads are a ‘call to action’ that encourages your potential clients to fill out a contact form or call you to take immediate action. We recommend PPC marketing for quick, short term advertising and SEO marketing for your longer term marketing. While SEO could take a couple of months to kick in and show results, PPC marketing is generally immediate.

Spa Social Media Marketing

Spa Social Media Marketing, as previously mentioned, is the best way to really connect and form relationships with your clients. Spa clients want to feel a certain level of trust with their provider. Not only do they need to see before and after photos to ensure you’re qualified, they need to like you. By that, we mean you can’t just push ads on clients all of the time and expect them to want to call you for a treatment. You’re more likely to attract new and returning clients by using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as a means of connecting with them on a more personal level. Answer questions, post informative articles, share funny photos. These are the kinds of personal interactions that make Spa Social Media Marketing most effective.

Fill Your Spa Calendar with New Customers