Millennials and Aesthetics

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Millennials are changing the aesthetics industry in a big way. One recent study found that 63 percent of younger millennials and 67 percent of older millennials would consider going to a med spa or plastic surgeon to have work done. While many associate cosmetic procedures with aging, millennials have started taking advantage of surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic treatments for both enhancement and preventative purposes.

Aesthetic treatments are becoming an integral part of the millennial beauty routine, as one study found a  28% increase in BOTOX and a 32% increase in fillers amongst these younger patients. No longer taboo, and increasingly normalized, millennials are always on the look for the next best procedure, and are not shy to share their results.

If you own a med spa, plastic surgery center, or dermatology office, it is important that you capitalize on this rising trend. While many aesthetic marketing campaigns highlight the anti-aging elements of injectables and other aesthetic procedures, it is crucial that your practice markets the benefit and enhancement capabilities of nonsurgical treatments. In this article we will look at the rising trend of millennial procedures, how to market your services to younger patients, and how utilizing younger patients can increase your overall patient acquisition.

Millennials and Aesthetics: A Rising Trend

To best market to this age group of men and women, it is important to understand the catalyst behind the trend. Millennials love social media, making up over 89% of Instagram’s 1 billion users. Social media platforms like this are a hub for 20 and 30-somethings to both share their lives and see the latest trends, including in aesthetics.

Many would argue that celebrities like Kylie Jenner both popularized and normalized nonsurgical aesthetic treatments when she admitted to receiving lip injections in 2015.  Since then the entire Kardashian clan as well as many other prominent celebrities and influencers have been more and more candid about the procedures they receive, often sharing their treatment experience or results on platforms like Instagram or Snapchat.



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Dr. Simon Ourian, the doctor famous for injecting Jenner’s lips and providing treatments for the rest of the Kardashian family and other celebrities noted that, “[the Kardashian-Jenners] are the biggest influencing power force behind any concept that happens on social media” today.  However, while celebrities’ role in normalizing cosmetic procedures is undoubtedly profound, non-celebrity influencer marketing has also had a strong effect on the rising trend of millennials receiving aesthetic treatments.

Sharing treatments on social media is not just for celebrities or those with a prominent following either. Many normal patients document their results on social media as a ways to document their treatment, healing, and results, which has contributed to the overall social acceptance of such treatments.

Another often overlooked factor is availability. BOTOX was FDA-approved 2002 and changed the face of aesthetics forever, as nonsurgical treatments became highly sought after. Since then nonsurgical options have only expanded, with popular treatments including dermal fillers, nonsurgical body contouring, IPL, and more, making more room for patients of any age to reap the benefits of aesthetics treatments without going under the knife.

So how can your practice take this trend and use it to your advantage? Read on to find out our best tips.

Don’t Just Focus on Anti-Aging

Expand your marketing efforts through every channel by diversifying your content and target audience. While it is important to continue highlight products like BOTOX or  Juvéderm for their ability to treat aging-related problems, educating patients on other potential uses for injectables and non-surgical treatments can be extremely beneficial for your practice.

  • Your Website: Make sure you have pages dedicated to treatments millennials are searching for like lip injections, preventative BOTOX, nonsurgical body contouring, preventative skin care and more. Furthermore, having pages that talk about treatments in your 20’s and 30’s can be great for SEO and your overall search presence with millennials. Make sure you have great pictures of your younger patients’ before and after results of these treatments.
  • PPC: A paid search campaign can be a great way to bring in younger patients right away. By knowing what treatments and keywords millennials are searching for, you can optimize your campaigns and landing pages to ensure you see an immediate increase in calls and bookings. Landing pages can also be a great place to showcase your best before and after photos of younger patients.
  • Text and Email: Text and email are both great ways to reach a younger audience. Create promotions around popular millennial treatments. Both can also be a channel to reach active clients who may be hesitant about injectable treatments and need an extra push.

millennials and aesthetics

Be Social!

Of all of the channels that are most important to increasing your millennial patient acquisition, social media is probably the most important. Because many popular aesthetic treatments, such as lip injections, are always trending many millennials follow or find practitioners based on hashtags, influencer recommendations, content quality and engagement, and following.

Make sure you are engaging with all of your followers and create targeted content that will answer common questions millennials may have about your given treatments. By using features like IGTV, live streams, and stories, you can reach your target audience in a variety of ways through channels they are already interacting with on a daily basis.

Create compelling photos and video that are both educational and showcase your best work. Furthermore, by implementing younger influencers you can reach a broader audience and increase millennial patient acquisition. Millennials looking at and sharing content, and if you deliver great results, your younger patients can become your biggest brand ambassadors, increasing overall patient acquisition.

Millennials, Aesthetics, and Your Practice

Millennials  love the world of nonsurgical aesthetics and will continue to play a crucial role in its development. In this light, it is imperative that you are marketing your services to all age groups and utilizing millennial’s online and social presence to benefit your practice. By crafting a targeted marketing campaign that utilizes search engine optimization, PPC, text and email marketing, and social media, you can expect to see an overall rise in patient acquisition that includes younger patients.

At Med Aesthetics Group we are experts in aesthetics marketing and can help you reach the potential patients you want fast. 95% of our clients see results on  day one and we make it our mission to help practices reach their potential. For more information about how you can market your aesthetic services to millennials and to learn about our digital marketing services book a demo with us today!

November 6, 2018

Hannah Cloe is the brand manager for Med Aesthetics Group. She manages all of Med Aesthetics Group’s digital marketing and branding efforts and has a passion for marketing and the aesthetics industry. Her favorite thing about working at Med Aesthetics Group is getting to collaborate with an amazing team and getting to see our clients’ practices reach their potential. In her free time you can find Hannah reading, writing, and hiking.

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